LIFIN AT 5: Anniversary Chat


At 5, I can only but imagine how such a herculean task it was to keep the light of the forum shinning bright through the clouds of damning moments, low points, obstacles and challenges. The birth of our Association on this day 5 years ago reminds me clearly of the one match stick that sets the entire forest on fire. From Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State, we have grown the tentacles of LIFIN  and it has continued to spread throughout the nooks and crannies of the Nigerian State and indeed beyond. With acknowledged representation of over 30 law faculties in Nigeria and membership cutting across Lawyers, Law students and legal enthusiasts. The forum can as well be described as a household name in the legal industry.

This past one year has been very enthralling, exciting and most engaging. Our firm resolution of reaching out to the world with unrivaled legal knowledge and pursuing the cause of Justice has received greater boost with massive participation, inclusion and commitment by both members and Executives of the forum. The tremendous progress we have made these past 12 months can only be attributed to unadulterated loyalty, support, dedication and courage exhibited by all of us and how we took our tasks and duties seriously to create a LIFIN of our dreams, pushing limits, setting new standard and reaching for the stars. It Is my pleasure to work with an ebullient team of distinguished patriots who believe in the future of the forum and will not relent in the movement to make it a success. 

The challenges of propelling an Academic, Research and development based forum like ours is very enormous. Moreso, in a very dynamic society like ours where the rhythm of social activities brew hot on a daily;and the attention span of young people has become very unpredictable and could swerve at random. In order to keep up with the speed of events, academic Forums should as well up their game and fit into the big puzzle of every happenings in Nigeria by reaching out to target audience with the right information, purchasing their interest with the most enticing contents and arresting their attention with the most relevant intellectual kits to supplement what they are offered by the mainstream media. Your guess is as good as mine! This is no small job and it comes with a huge price for us who will man the ship to make the process a reality. The task of coming up with content, organising Events, creating veritable platforms which will promote the ultimate goal of the forum can be grueling sometimes especially without requisite Funding, Support or Motivation. However, We owe our many gratitude to those who have supported the forum in all these regards and for their sake, we will continue to ride Hard! 

These 5 years has been experience filled. We have garnered many lessons that will last us a very long time, as we continue to build a monument whose final structure lies in the future. A dream that we are neither willing to give up on or ready to treat with any levity any time soon. 

As you may have known,  the various social media outlets of the forum has been the most active these past 12 months and are all very updated in a bid to promote our visibility and ensure that those who need to see our contents find them at their doorstep without any need  for complaints or difficulty. We have assembled credible hands Manning the affairs and they have delivered massively even as more job is needed to be done, by them, by you and everyone of us. As we will be required to like, comment, share our posts when they are uploaded. 

In a descending order, we shall give details of what we have been up to for the past 12 months, as a score card of acheivements, it is a very known philosophy that an unexamined life is not worth living. Any institution that cannot account for its existence is a failure and dead on arrival and we don’t want to fall into that category. 

After the 4th year anniversary celebration last year 2019, The search for LIFIN Executives to fill in the positions left in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University commenced. And on the 4th of November 2019, the Inaugural Session was held to commission them. The team was Ably led by Azike Stanislaus who has shown capacity to make change possible and the will to weather the enormous energy that the forum requires, and his Vice-President Asike Emmanuella, Chairman BOD Nwoye Chinwike and Deputy, Ugochukwu Vivian and distinguished Directors and Executives hit the road running. They have not seized to live up to the challenge and have continued to show great commitment to bettering the forum. 

On the 16th of November 2020, the forum was invited by Rotary Club INT’L to the Installation Ceremony of their president and in the event, the LIFIN President was given an award of Excellent meritorious Service  and it was dedicated to the forum and its members in recognition of our unwavering contributions towards a better society.

And on the 25th of November 2019, the new Excos had their First LIFIN COLLOQUIUM tagged:THE APPLICATION OF TECHNICALITIES IN LITIGATION: AN AID OR ABATEMENT OF JUSTICE. with Dr Azimba O. Azimba and Barr. Jeff Modeme as Speakers where they were both also award in recognition of their contributions towards promoting knowledge and justice. The Topic was selected to address the trending issue at the time when many cases in the Nigerian courts were being decided based on technicalities and Participants had benefit of learning all sides of the story. 

On the 16th December 2019, the forum had its SPACE LAW WEBINAR, tagged: THE PLACE AND RELEVANCE OF SPACE LAW IN RELATION TO EMERGING SPACE ACTIVITIES AND TECHNOLOGY Hosted by the UNICAL chapter of the forum. with Nelly Ebruka, Augustine Ushie, Arinze Michael and Emmanuel Andondoye as Speakers and facilitators. They shared their insights on the very subject of space law and opened our minds to the regulations, laws, prospects of that area of law and why Nigeria must do more to join the league of nations who are already planting their feet in space. 

On the 18th December 2019, we had an Online LIFIN symposium,  Hosted by Unizik chapter tagged: CHOOSING A CAREER PATH IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY:THE ESSENCE OF INTERNSHIP with MacAnthony Ezeoha as the Guest and Okereafor Priscilla as the anchor. The symposium was an eye opener to the numerous opportunities we can tap into within the sector and why internship is a very integral part of scaling the heights in the industry. 

On the 30th December 2019, we had another LIFIN Summit by the ACHIEVERS UNIVERSITY OWO chapter tagged: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AND THE ROLE OF ADR IN FAMILY DISPUTES. with Obada Martins, Olamide C.M as Speakers and Kofo as the Anchor. They explained why ADR is much more effective and important in resolving internal disputes than going to courts. 

On the 10th January 2020, the Caring Knights and Library invasion Hour of the forum Commenced with participation from students in COOU who used the period to get themselves ready for their exams while engaging their colleagues in  critical discussions. 

On the 15th January 2020, the LIFIN TV was launched and began operation with the inaugural speech delivered by the President of the forum which set the motion for increased activities on the channel and to pursue its motto: Unveiling the light of truth. It is intended to grant voice and platform  for alternative discussion and a new conversation on various issues whilst promoting other programs to provide rich content and wholesome experience when tuned in to.

On January 21-28, 2020, the forum commenced an online Tutorial session for the 400 and 500 level students of COOU where NJOKU DAVID CHIBUEZE lectured on Jurisprudence and legal theory,Company Law, Evidence law, and ATUSIUBA CHUKWUEBUKA lectured on International Law. The purpose of the session was to assist them make sense of their courses and prepare them for their Exams.

On the 1st February 2020, the LIFIN website was upgraded and given a new look,  with many features added to give readers a better experience on the website. And has become more improved on its goggle ranking and visibility.

On the 6th February 2020, Azike Stanislaus Led a delegation from COOU to Unizik to set up a chapter of the forum with Okereafor Priscilla as the LIFIN Representative, it had in attendance aspiring members of the forum and other student leaders who were ready and eager to make the forum find its foot in the Institution. 

On the 8th February 2020, we had a LIFIN Mentorship Session with Barr. TOHEEB AMUDA who spoke on the topic: EXCELLING AS A LAW FIRM ASSOCIATE:KEY FACTORS TO PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. with Ezulike Chimdiebube Esq As Anchor. At the session, We learnt the numerous tips needed to become successful in legal practice and how to deliver on tasks and climb the ladder of professional excellence. 

On 28th March 2020, the forum held its first Nation Wide University Online SYMPOSIUM tagged – NIGERIA JUDICIARY:MATTERS ARISING which had in attendance numerous students from around Nigeria and had the speakers express their opinion on many issues within the legal, judicial and legislative sectors of the country. And their submissions have long been published on the website. And they were all given certificates of Appreciation courtesy of the Forum. 

On the 18th April 2020, the UNIZIK Chapter Held a summit,  tagged: A NIGERIAN LAWYER OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM with Barr. Godson Kelechi Iwuozo as the Guest Speaker. Where he shared his thought on the extra skills needed by every lawyer from personal experience in order to succeed.

On the 28th April 2020, the forum had its General Executive meeting where we planned ahead and set out Agendas for the forum and made resolutions To move the forum Ahead. 

On the 8th to 10th May 2020, we had an Academic Summit for Students of the Nigerian Law School tagged:SCALING THE LEGAL HEIGHTS:LAW SCHOOL IN PERSPECTIVE. the session had 3 first class graduates of NLS from COOU as tutors – Emejuo Charles, Mekowulu Precious, Francis Udealor.  We had a zoom session for the 3 days and the experience was sublime and knowledge filled. 

On 3rd May 2020, we had the LIFIN Wisdom Vibes with the Vice President Ezeaku Chukwuemelie. Where members refueled their motivations to pursue their dreams and attain success in their endeavors. 

On the 5th of May 2020, we inaugurated the LIFIN Editorial Board and since their inception, the operational strategy of the website and media platforms has been most effective and efficient Than ever before. And improved publications commenced too. 

On 16th May 2020, we had LIFIN Legal Hardtalk with CHUMA, A legal, socio, political session billed to X-ray burning issues within the Nigerian state and beyond and garner views from scholars with respect to the state of affairs. With Kainene Chinonso, Chigozie Amakeze, Chukwuemeka Obinwugo as guests. And Ifekudu Chuma  as Host. 

On the 29th May 2020, the forum had the LIFIN symposium by the UNIBEN chapter tagged: THE PLACE OF HUMAN RIGHTS AMIDST BATTLING EMERGENCIES IN NIGERIA With Ejindu Einstein, kelechi Nwodo, Blessing Ebruvwiyo and Godswill Izunna as Speakers and facilitators of the event. Where they highlighted the challenges facing the country and the way forward. They were presented with Certificates of Achievement by the forum. 

On the 1st June 2020, we had the ENTERTAINMENT LAW SUMMIT hosted by the UNICAL chapter tagged: EXPLORING THE MULTIPLE LEGAL OPPORTUNITIES IN ENTERTAINMENT LAW, the session had the Dean of Law, prof Ikom in attendance and he addressed members of the forum and urged us to continue in the good works. The Lawsa President, Etaba Agbor was also in attendant. We had Arinze Michael, Asanam George, Oringo Bamidele and Jirgi Pitiko as Speakers and facilitator respectively. They shared captivating information on the subject matter and opened the flood gate of renewed interest in the sector. They were presented with Certificates of Achievement by the forum. 

On the 20th June 2020, we had a LIFIN Webinar hosted by the UNN chapter tagged: REINVENTING MORALITY:THE FUNCTION OF LAW with AGUOCHA CHINEDU, REJOICE KALU, SOPURUCHI GIFT and PETER STANLEY as Speakers and Facilitator respectively. Where they spoke on the rising Decline in social mores and the effects it’s having on the society. It launched a campaign against the issues of rape which surged at that time. They were presented with Certificates of Achievement by the forum. 

On the 26th June 2020, we had a LIFIN Webinar hosted by the Ahmadu Bello University tagged:EXAMINING THE PANACEA TOWARDS THE OVERWHELMING RAPE CASES IN NIGERIA THROUGH LEGAL AND SOCIAL STRATAGEM with Abubakar Dubagari, Alkasim Abubakar, Mohammed Al-Mahdi, Ibrahim Abubakar Musa as Speakers and Mohammed Aisha as Anchor. They gave their opinion on the subject matter and proffered Solutions to arrest the menace and bring it to a final  stop. They were presented with Certificates of Achievement by the forum. 

On the 11th July 2020, we had the LIFIN Virtual Symposium 2.0 with nation wide participation of different Universities. Tagged:NIGERIA JUDICIARY:MATTERS ARISING. Distinguished scholars were assembled to give their opinion on the burning issues at that time. Their submissions have long been published on They were also presented with Certificates of Achievement by the forum. 

In August 2020, The LIFIN TV received renewed efforts and numerous clips were uploaded and more is being done to make it better. 

The renewed interest in our publishing, editorial and distribution sector is to meet up with the demands of a changing industry where the quantity of contents determines the flow of traffic and we do not want to be left behind. On the 31st August 2020,  we celebrated the 4th year of digital publishing via The success of that outlet has remained a motivating factor to venture into various areas too. We are edging towards 100,000 views and that’s a great feat for a website that promotes solely Academic materials. We hope to redesign our website, increase its ranking, monetize and reach out more and we need your continued support to do that. 

On the part of LIFIN TV, we have gained increased views and the clips on the channel are receiving appreciable engagements but more needs to be done. Ofcourse, we must have all noticed our improved graphics, neatly designed Fliers and all that. It is a product of continued aspiration towards excellence and we hope to continue in that trend and be better. 

During our last Executive Meeting on 12th August  2020, we made resolutions to commence an annual LIFIN Legal Competition which should have Participants from across all law faculties in Nigeria and plans are ongoing to make it a success and a reality. We are still consulting,  seeking for partnership and Sponsorship and will appreciate your efforts to make it a dream come true. 

What a year we have had, at every moment, and every hour of the day,  the thought of how to bring something new to the LIFIN table has given us sleepless nights and restless days. The gradual build up to solid institutionalization only but just began. We have extended our hands of fellowship to reputable members of the Bar,  erudite scholars,  institutions of learning and Associations, all in the bid to make our motto; knowledge and Justice a done deal and we are proud of the progress recorded so far. 

From all of us at the Forum, I and the vice president Ezeaku Chukwuemelie,  the Executives, Members, partners, friends and well wishers of this noble Association. We celebrate the 5 years Anniversary of the forum and pray that a future so bright shall greet out collective Endeavors. 



Happy 5 Years Anniversary



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For knowledge and Justice
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