‘Dreams sometimes are too wide, sometimes too deep and most times very high. Often than not, they form very mighty mountains and not only scare the dreamer but any who hears of it. It’s more easy to never have a dream than to have one and being unable to fulfil it’.

Notwithstanding the great challenges that may stand daunting on the path of its actualization, Most dreams fail not because they are not good enough or acheivable but because the responsibility of keeping them alive is a huge and difficult task. And sometimes, great dreams have consumed their dreamers and they never acheived their dreams.
It is then a proof of divine providence to dream and be privileged to watch it bud, to water it until it grows into a plum and matures into a mighty tree, giving shelter to all who runs into it..
This is the story of the legal Ideas forum Int’l, a professional organization birthed from the undying quest to promote the acquisition of unrivaled legal knowledge and in effect pursue the cause of justice in and around the world. This task no matter how difficult has been a work in progress. And no stone has been left unturned at making it a success.

This one year in Review will analyze in details the rise, success and growth of the forum and the challenges it still faces. The third year in existence of this forum happens to be the most excting, most engaging, optimally fruitful, unapolegetically triumphant and graciously beautiful against the backdrop of naysayers and doubters who had not believed with their eyes what it saw, the forum has continued to soar, to break bounds, to set a new paradigm, to challenge the status quo,to implement a new social order and to recapitulate on the importance of knowledge in an ever increasing knowledge based world cum social order.
Like a spark, the thought of a forum with a national impact has been ignited and it is only left to the imaginations what the forum will grow into in the coming years. Only time will tell but be rest assurred that we will not fail you and we shall never relent at putting the forum in the front burners of national relevance until it becomes a household name, until it begins to influence national and international policy making process, until it becomes a force to reckon with. Until as the Lifin patron puts it.”truly international”.
The year in review commenced with series of executive meetings which was aimed at creating a practical roadmap for the forum, as each individual executive members began to formulate very commendable ideas which will propel us to the greater heights where our eyes are set for which is the very top. And that contributed largely to the success of the forum on It’s 3rd year of existence.
It started with an invitation from the Rotary Club International Igbariam division under the Action president, Rtr Onwusobalu Onyedikachi Phillip. Who invited the forum to its presidential installation and the event which was billed to take place on the 28th Day of October 2017 had in attendance, members of the forum and the president of the forum Njoku David Chibueze who was billed to deliver the keynote speech of the event where he lectured and made sustainable suggestions for a more progressive soceity where leadership and followership will be more focus driven and proactive than to persist in the blame game from each end.
Going further, the forum was also invited by the Lifin Patroness to her Award presentation day which was scheduled for the 29th of October 2017, an event that was graced by the former executive Governor of Anambra State Mr. Peter Obi. Who came specifically to honour our Patroness and in that event the forum was duly represented by the president of the forum who had the opportunity of meeting with his Excellency where issues with respect to building a better country for future generations of the Nigerian youths who feels disenchanted by the state of Affairs were discussed.
With his Excellency MR Peter Obi  
The forum continued with its programmes as plans towards hosting the first ever Academic Summit of the forum was kick started. Being a maiden edition, all hands were required to be on deck and thus series of executive meetings were held as new executive members were included from across all classes so as to grow a successorship plan and make the forum more inclusive. 
On the 11th of Dec 2017,the Academic summit tagged:THE DECLINING PURSUIT TOWARDS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:THE WAY FORWARD. Was held in the Denca Moot court. The event had in attendance, the LIFIN staff Adviser and Associate Dean faculty of Law, Dr. J. A Ezeh who delivered the keynote lecture which was masterfully done the full transcript of that speech can be found on On the report of the summit as well as that of other speakers. We also had in attendance, the LIFIN Patroness, Mrs Grace Ifenyinwa, the Lawsa president Anyanegbu Fidelis and Lawsa EXECUTIVES, distinguished guests from various organizations like NITIMUN, Rotary club, GPTI various departmental heads and students leaders from both within the law faculty and the school environment. The summit had panel discussions where the myths of academics were dissected and solutions were proferred to remedy the ever increasing challenges. Amongst panelists were Ukomadu lawrence, Atusiuba chukwuebuka, Ezeuchu Valentine, Ezeaku Emelie K.   who did justice to the theme of the event and presentations by Amara Ofodile, Adinnu Dal Elton, Chukwuma James. The event was also an award giving day as members of the forum were recognized for the active participation in the activities of the forum. Then school vacated to resume January.
@ the Academic summit 
On the 23rd of febuary 2018, the leadership of the forum was invited by the National Association of Ogidi Students’ Union to their Annual youth convention on fight against cultism, drug use and gangsterism. Having in attendance the Igwe of Ogidi, a distinguished pharmacist, the Ogidi LGA president general, members of the armed forces, government functionaries and politicians with multitude of students who have converged for the purpose of learning the best way to lead a positive lifestyle for a better soceity. The Lifin president was to serve as Chief Judge for the debate segment of the program. Which had students from different institutions in participation on the Topic :youth restiveness a product of failed parentage or a result of school environment and failure on the part of teachers. The best debater was granted a one year scholarship after a heated from both sides. It was also an opportunity to meet different personalities as consultations on building a formidable forum remained ongoing.
It should be noted however, that the 2018 session became a beehive of activities which shot the forum to limelight and brought it to the front page of the University community. It took off with series of executive meetings and brainstorming in order to move the forum forward. The Library invasion program of the forum took place on the 28th Day of March 2018 and on the 5th of April 2018, the LIFIN Crest was launched and became ready for use by lifinites.
The Lifin crest 
Prior to the new semester, A process was initiated to have the forum Visit the Hallowed chambers of Dr. Onyechi Ikpeazu (San) and various correspondence were sent across and finally the forum was invited to Visit on the 6th of April 2018. This invitation became one of the highlights of the year in review as we stormed the chamber and had our knowledge bank filled to capacity by distinguished legal minds who has seen it all in the legal profession. A publication has been made on the Visit and details can be found on
@ikpeazu chambers

The forum did not relent on it’s onward journey towards providing knowledge enriching platforms and thus embarked yet on another programme which is THE LEGAL DRAFTING WORKSHOP AND SEMINAR which had as guest lecturer, the erudite scholar and legal practitioner, Ulasi Ogechukwu Mary Esq. Who taught members of the forum, the nitty-gritty of legal drafting on the 9th day of April 2018. The event was truly remarkable because most students were able to see and touch for the very first time, documents on court processes and learnt also how to draft them with samples of materials shared on that day. The event which took place at the Denca Moot court had mostly the final year students who testified that the workshop was truly worth the while.
@ the legal drafting workshop

Another landmark was reached on the 25th of April 2018 as the forum hosted it’s major event of the semester which was the leadership and mentorship conference tagged:LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES, PITFALLS AND TRIUMPH:A FULL DISCLOSURE. with guest speakers including Rare Gentle Exist, president, Rare breeds Club who delivered the keynote speech and life changing tips for excellent leadership. The Unizik Lawsa president, Comrade Ezeoha MacAnthony who made a paper presentation on youth inclusiveness in governance. The SUG COOU president, Comrade Benneth Udochukwu who was duly represented. NUESSA president, Ecomomics, political science, pharmacy, English Education, criminology departmental presidents were all present.presidents and members of various organizations including NITIMUN, GPTI, Rotary Club, CEO of Phmediahub, Chief editor punditsonline news, CEO VIP purchase. The SUG chief Judge,  and then the Lawsa president Anyanegbu Fidelis, and vice president, Ezekwe Olivia, former Lawsa president, Mekowulu Precious, Lawsa Bar chairman Ejikeme Chinyere, unizik Lawsa president Ezeoha MacAnthony, NITIMUN National vice president, Stanley Peter all formed the panel of discussants which analyzed the concept of leadership in an indepth analysis from their practical personal experience. It was indeed a celebrated event as certificates of participation were Conferred on the attendees who has taken a full course on leadership.
@ the leadership and mentorship conference 2018

The forum also embarked on It’s night reading classes which is usually billed for 1 month before exams known as the caring knights, where students are encouraged to read in preparations for the semester exams outside the comfort of their bed and this continues to be an attractive alternative for most students.
The forum as is It’s usual practice commenced the Lifin media and online programmes which is a package for the long vacation period and in August 2018, we started with the wisdom vibes across the different Lifin groups which features hours of motivational words from lifinites poised towards igniting the human mind and influenced spirit. It bothers on concepts like success, failure, determination, leadership, social and moral values etc. The wisdom vibes can be accessed via motivationals by lifinites 
The forum through It’s website published numerous articles with which the LIFIN MEDIA CAMPAIGNS was recently launched with aim of sensitization of the general public about different social-political issues and profer measures to address them. It has campaign on:
The forum also commenced It’s online media trial or online moot court proceedings and for this year’s edition, the trial went nuclear And became more professional as participants were guided on how to draft documents as they would in the courts for real cases and it has been held to be most educative and fun.
We have indeed come a long way and thanks to all whose tireless contributions has led to the success of the forum. It is our wish that your hardwork be rewarded And we urge every one else who are yet to join is to do so immediately. Let us spread the good news as true Lifinites, let us show the world what we are capable of doing. Let us devote our Interest to the promotion of knowledge and justice for soceital good. Lets celebrate today for all we have acheived collectively. And believe with utmost assurance…. That it can only get better!
Lifin president 
Vice president
Chairman Board of Directors 
Lifin Directors 
Lifin PRO
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For knowledge and Justice
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