Sex for Grade in Nigerian Universities: Pressing Need for Regulatory Legal Frameworks.

Written by Chukwubuikem I. Obianyo Esq.



Sexual assault has continued to eat deep in the Nigerian university community in particular and the society at large. As a social ill, it cuts across culture, society and countries. It is a common social disorder among students in our tertiary institutions.

However, the social scourge seems to be assuming dimensions in institutions of higher learning, yet its existence in Nigerian universities appears to be under-researched or better put, less reported.

The present study seeks to investigate the meaning of the concept of sexual harassment and how it has been and is still a menace in our Nigerian universities; the victims of sexual harassment, the causes as well as the aftermath. This work goes further to investigate the legal framework regulating sexual harassment in Nigerian universities.

It looks at the control measures of sexual harassment in Nigerian universities such as the discipline and ethical issues, sexual harassment policies and punishment given to predators/ offenders. It investigates the laws of harassment in Nigerian universities and finalizes with the conclusion on the efficacy of existing legislations.


Click this link to download the full article 1507-2181-1-PB

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