Adebowale Saheed
How can hooligans and villainies not takeover the street when the government is not ready to act, how can evil not prevail when evil and bad attitudes are more rewardable than positive impact, how can we build a good legacy when we have a society that encourages indiscipline, wickedness, inhuman acts and behaviour?
Our contemporary society and the government are always kept busy celebrating nuisance and on the other hand, folding arms seeing some intelligent people who have added value, disciples, encouragement, motivation, right attitudes, passion, devotion and sacrifice to our dear society wallowing and swimming in side the pool of poverty.
Truth be told, villainous and immoral songs are now the sugarcane in the mouth of the youths, our youths are no more concerned and interested in any decent and religious songs in which they can acquire knowledge and wisdom and add values to their lives but the one that will inject them illicit thought and make their lives ruined.
As a case study, imagine! Someone just released a song that passes no message, no value, no wisdom, no knowledge, no moral, nothing encouraging but only polluted our society with a nuisance and from there, society started celebrating him and made him a celebrity. SO UNFORTUNATE!
I perused and deeply considered some words he used in that music, and I saw no where an iota of wisdom can be drawn, and at the end I so wonder on what particular in it that sounds sensible and enticed the public.
 Imagine a society that considers these dirty words worth of celebration:
1. Many many were wa nlé répété (Madness at high level full ground)
2. Babéjé (Destroy the place)
3. Ika (wicked)
4. Éjé loju bi t’abacha (Turn your eyes red like the then Abacha)
5. Runju pa (Frank your face heavily)
6. Ma r’érin (Don’t laugh)
7. Kala (frown)
8. Daju (No mercy)
9. Wuwa ika (Do evil).
The above is just a case study as earlier stated. It’s, however, not limited to this. There are countless Nigerian musicians with claptrap and nonsensical music polluting our society with a nuisance, digging a grave for our future generations, and the government keeps folding arms.
 It is very rare to find a small child of the nowadays without having such dirty music in his brain box. Many of our teenagers have memorized them to the great level of memorization, and they value them more than memorizing the Holy Books..
Similarly, it is no longer breaking news that all the junctions in the streets have been occupied with different set of thugs blocking the roads and causing unrest. Some other set of nuisances, on the other hand, also assembled and named themselves “MARLIAANS”, taking smoking, indecent and tatterdemalion dressing, and lunatic hair style as pleasure. And I so wonder! Where and who is the future of Nigeria?
Honestly speaking, our society is not in any way helping the upcoming generation because our leaders are always rewarding insanity than sanity and some parents on the other side are rewarding nonsense than encouraging diligence. Then, who is now the guiding light?
Consequently, 65% of the youths have totally abnegated education,blackmailing same as “scam” legal income is now difficult for them, lawful hustling is now bringing a bad odour to their noses but illegal and ritual money is now the real and sweetmeat. The youths have taken duping, yahoo and ritual as the beloved gateway to success and turn a deaf ear to its consequence.
However, all these aberrations and what I called nuisance in our society though can not be totally eradicated, but surely can be curbed or reduced by the parents and government. Parents and the government are the mechanisms that can bring change to and sanitize the streets if they both turn their seats to the right and proper position.
By and large, the youths are the future of Nigeria, and if we can not produce decent ones at the early stage and sanitize the street, then the future of our country is in no doubt in danger.
About the Author 
Adebowale Saheed is a Law student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto,
Contact: [email protected]/ 08131195676
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