We live because we were born,
We fight when we must,
We die when the time comes,
And like the mist we disappear.
Lost in the world of time.

We are servants to life,  always tending to it with all that we have. Always working to make ends meet. But at the appointed time our lives we cannot save. Our little attempt to salvage the situation is a temptation we cannot overcome. We yield to it and yet get crushed under the weight of the inevitable end.

Even when the sun rise,  we are not allowed to laugh so as not to anger the sea.
We are guided by caution on every side and yet fail at all times. And yet lose the true meaning of living and falter on every side.

We are surrounded, invaded and have the sword to our throat by our own fears, by our anxiety. If you leave this world now, when will you return?

Why not live when you are alive?  Life truly begins at the end of our comfort zone. When you are going through hell, you must keep going so you will finally step out of it. If you stop, you will continue to be burnt by it. So keep moving.

When we die unsung,
Live unheard it means that we are not just cowards but also not old enough to face life for what it truly is, Which is undeserving for all into whose future we cast our snares to ruin by our acts and omission.

Find your path, go all the way up and all the way down. Follow it till you get to your destination, it may be tough and no one said it would be easy but with determination the way will be a fun ride, blissful at some times, painful and some times and generally educating at all time.

And until the long arms of death lay hold of us, we must continue to thrive and strive for the ultimate which is being better, smarter, happier, wiser and maybe.. Perfect!


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For knowledge and Justice
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