Gender Equality: My Voice, our Future and Action on Ending Early Marriage and Sexual Exploitation.



Ruth is a beautiful girl of 17 years in Senior Secondary School. She is seen to be Withdrawn from the happy students playing games in the course of their break, and left, thinking about her life.

Ruth is the first of three children of Mr. and Mrs Bouth. Her other siblings were twin boys. Ruth had thought that with the father moving to Lagos, she would be allowed to school like her brothers, with the constant reminder that she has to act prime and proper as she may soon be
married off. Worst, her bride price has been paid to her father while in JSS3, who used the money to buy himself a fairly used car and also, get another wife.

Right now, she feels so worthless, no better than the car her father acquired.
Ruth envies the freedom her brothers enjoy. She wishes for an opportunity to live her life like a normal human, with no recourse to being recognized as weak, and only good for reproduction.
Only a chance to the live life of a full decisive human.

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