What a great celebration for Nigeria as she marks her 59th year that she got her independent. Prior her independent, she was a country under the seige of Western powers. The economy was being feasted up by the white colonialists as the adage ‘Monkey dey work baboon dey chop’ and we became nothing but pencils in their hands but all thanks to the elites who fought to liberate the country from the injustice of the white imperialists and it became a country for all. But the question everyone still ask is, Are we really free from the dominant, oppressive invisible power/cartel of this country? What really is the fate of Nigeria at 59th presently?
It is sad to say that this is a country where life during the pre-independent era is more enjoyable than it is now. It is the country that is best described as the Headquarter of Poverty. This is a country where the rights of citizens are being destroyed. This is the country that is neglecting the vision of our fathers who fought for our independence, a country that preaches peace but practice segregation. I see a nation whose independence has been indirectly lost to the cabals of this nation. I see a nation that is gradually going back to the primitive era where life was so harsh to endure. I see a nation that has forgotten the youths who are the vision and future of any country. I see a nation that glorify in the suffering of the its people who are   neglected. I see a nation full with the pain, tears, sorrow and blood of the the innocent masses slaughtered daily by the rising menace of insecurity.
What I ask is, what does the future hold for this nation? What really will become of us as fear and terror have overtaken the land?  what will be the outcome of this nation? We are called and known as the Great Giant of Africa but if one may ask, are we really the great giant of Africa? What story will we tell our children when they ask us of the story of Nigeria.
As we celebrate this independence today, it is high time we sit down and access our far we have gone.
God bless Nigeria
Happy independent day
About the author
Comrade Chukwubuikem, Onyedika Nmesoma is a law student of Chukeuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State.
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